The Biscuit Spare Wheel (LAW)


Motorists in our country are being fined for carrying space-saver spare wheels. This is against our law.

Here is why, if u keep the space-saver spare wheel inside your car  you will be complying with the law that says u should always carry a spare wheel, if u use it then u should make sure that it is similar to the other 3 wheels on the axle of your car, if not then u will be breaking the law.

However most people just carry the spare wheel inside the car without even mounting it on the axle which means they are complying with the law and they must not be arrested. The law does not say the spare wheel should be of the same size with the other wheels on the car. Infact it talks about the 4 tyres on the axle which should be identical.

Read the following from the act......

Sect. 53 (1) (a) of SI 129/2015 states the spare wheel must be serviceable, in the same way a fire extinguisher must be serviceable.
If your spare wheel is inflated, has sufficient tread and is suitable for use, it is serviceable.

However the police is applying Sect. 14 (6) (a) No person shall drive on any road a vehicle if - (a) any tyres on any one axle of the vehicle are of a different size or type or construction.

Which would be the case if the space-saver tyre was being USED in the event of an emergency. In practice, when the space-saver is stored in its compartment, THE MOTORIST IS COMPLYING with both Sect. 14 and Sect. 53 and should not be fined.

Next time when you are wrongly fined please ask for clarification,

Send this to other motorists, mari irikunetsa mhunu wese.

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