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Our website is an online platform for Provisional DL Tests. The website is meant for those who are preparing to get Provisional Drivers Licenses or any driver wanting to test her knowledge about road rules and road signs. We have uploaded 6 different Tests and we believe that if you can pass all of them then you know the Highway Code.

We have a computerized system that will assess your performance and give you marks according to performance. You will also have a chance to review your answers after taking our tests and be able to compare your answers with the correct answers. The tests are done within 10 minutes and the pass mark is 22 out of 25 marks (88%). If you can practice tests online for Free why would you go to Eastlea to buy practice test booklets?

All our tests are for FREE, you only need to register and after that you can take any test you want.

By visiting our home page you can easily register and try the tests but just in case you are having some challenges, you can follow the steps below:

1.    After visiting www.zama.co.zw click Register (Top Right Corner) and add you details.

2.    After registering click login (top right corner)

3.    Now you are asked to put your username and password that you created during registration (STEP 1).

4.    Then enroll for the Provisional Driver’s Licence Course by clicking the Enroll button.

5.    Then click explore exams and view all our tests.

6.    After all the tests have been displayed choose the one that you want to do now (Tests can be taken in any order)

7.    To start click take exam. Wish you good luck!

Still having some challenges? Don’t be shy whatsapp 0777808275 now.

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D. Botsotso
Msc Trans Mgt (GrRF)

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