21 Points to remember

1.    The maximum age at which one can apply for a learners licence in class 3 and 4 is 16 years.

2.    To apply for Drivers licence in class 2 and 5 you must have reached the age of 18 years.

3.    To drive a public vehicle you must have reached the age of 25 years.

4.    Before any vehicle can be used on road it must have an INSURANCE, REGISTRATION BOOK, and VEHICLE LICENCE.

5.    Drivers should never turn right  in front of oncoming traffic

6.    Give the right of way to the e vehicle approaching from your right.

7.    In rural areas give way to traffic that enter the intersection before you.

8.    Maximum speed limit in Zimbabwe is 120 km/hour for light vehicles and 80 km/hour for heavy vehicles.

9.    At a fixed flashing amber robot always give way to traffic approaching from the right.

10.    When turning left or right at a robot controlled intersection give way to crossing pedestrians.

11.    An accident should be reported to the police within 24 hours.

12.    The maximum speed limit in urban areas is 60km/hour.

13.    Steering wheel free play should not exceed 45 degrees.

14.    Always give the right of way to state motorcade, ambulance, fire engine and police.

15.    D.D.C is valid for 4 years.

16.    Provisional is valid for 12 months.

17.    A certificate of competence is valid for 12 months.

18.    Direction arrows used in conjunction with prohibited lines have a regulatory effect.

19.    At a STOP sign you must stop and proceed if the road is clear on both sides.

20.    At a give way sign you are not required to stop but reduce speed and proceed if the road is clear.

21. The highway code interprets the law but don't use it when arguing with Police officers since it is not a source of Law.

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